Who we are.

Founded in 2011, Aarch has established itself as a reliable talent partner for corporations in over five countries. As a leading boutique executive search firm, we facilitate the right match with a bespoke approach for each client. We are also a preferred talent acquisition partner to leading Manufacturing and R&D, ITES and, Telecommunications firms across the globe.




Quality, integrity, and the drive for excellence define Aarch’s vision. With an experienced team possessing unique mapping skills and an exhaustive database of professionals, we strive to deliver the best, and nothing less.

Customer first.

Placing the customer at the heart of our business, no matter the size and scale, means we deliver personalized attention to each organization. Our ethos of delivering custom-made solutions has enabled us strengthen our foothold and build a trusted brand in the recruitment industry.

Individual attention.

Not only do we enable organizations to absorb the right executives, we also grant individual attention to each candidate, allowing them to find just the right role. Having built trust over the years, we have emerged as a market-leading recruitment brand. At Aarch, we don’t just give wings to careers, we help build your business.

About the Aarch team.

It started with a dream of building a relaxed, fun-loving workplace that motivated its people to deliver the best. Where dedication came naturally and wasn’t imposed. With slow, gradual steps, we saw our dream turn to reality. Despite having a lean, young team in place, we saw stellar results and outstanding customer satisfaction.

We started with the firm belief that each one of us is invariably faced with two choices - be who you want to be or be someone you are made to be. And it wasn’t an easy choice to make – both looked tempting. Did it matter as long as you excelled in your career? We realized it did make a difference, the difference between just going with the flow and taking control of your journey. And so we chose the latter.

We ventured into manpower consulting, trying to sail on two boats - our boss’s office and our own. Naturally, we had stretched ourselves thin. Finally, we decided to bid goodbye to our boss to embark on our entrepreneurial journey. And who was to think, there was plenty of drama at office and home. We knew we had set ourselves up for a tough time on all fronts - family, finances, clients, deliveries, closures, and so on. But we took them head on. The old adage of ‘everything happens for a good reason’ turned out to be right. Everything had happened for a reason and our efforts eventually paid off.

It’s been more than three years now, we have a devoted team that’s been with us for the last two years at our corporate office in Lajpat Nagar. We are proud of where we stand today and remain committed to delivering cutting-edge talent solutions.

Prerita Sharma

Director - Human Resource

We have been using the services of Aarch Consultancy for past few years now and are consistently impressed with the caliber of candidates provided through them. They consistently strive to provide candidates who can seamlessly fit into business needs. They keep us regularly and sufficiently updated on any issues which may occur. Knowledge is a tool to successfully place candidates into the right companies, perfectly explains the job done by Aarch Consultancy. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to address any sourcing needs..."